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Bronze is the perfect transition group from swimming lessons( Small Pool )  to the competitive swim team. Swimmers should know all four strokes and will continue to work on strengthening the basics of each stroke as well as learn swimming terminology.

Daily Training:              60 Minutes / 5 Sessions per week 

Basic Goals:               

  • Introduction to team/group training environment
  • Interest in the sport ( fun, team spirit, sportsmanship)
  •  Learning correct body position, breathing, streamlining, turns, & starts
  • Kick development
  • Workout habits 

Equipment Needed: 

  • Titans Water bottle
  • Speedo Kickboard 
  • Speedo Fins 
  • Goggles 
  • Titans Training cap 
  • Titans Team T-Shirt  
  • Titans Training Suit.

Practice Attendance:  We Recommend athletes attend each of the practice sessions offered for their group, the more 

                                           practice you attend the greater the chances you will improve faster, expected to attend at least 2 - 3  

                                           sessions per week.

Practice Schedule: Mon.-Fri. 3:30- 4:30 PM
*Swimmers will be assigned to the appropriate group



The Gold will continue to advance their stroke technique.  They will learn more advanced drills.  The Gold will also be challenged physically through interval and dryland training.  They will continue to learn goal setting and be challenged to commit to the goals they set.  Through this 
process, the athlete starts to take ownership of their swimming.  The Gold is designed to prepare athletes who wish to advance into the elite level of TASC.  Interval training is an important aspect of this group and minimum standards may be expected. This is the first level where a commitment to the sport is important for continued success.  Athletes are expected to attend 6 workouts per week.

Daily Training:                          120 Minutes / 9 sessions per week 

Basic Goals:                            

  • Build physical, technical and mental "Champions"
  • Advanced Technical Foundation
  • Continued kicking, stoke, and aerobic development
  • Long & Short course nationals champions
  • Emphasis on 20os of stroke, 400 IM, and distance Freestyle 
  •  Advance racing skills 
  •  Focused on preparing for senior level swimming

Equipment Needed:               

  • Titans Water bottle,
  • Speedo Kickboard,
  • Speedo Fins,
  • Speedo Goggles,
  • Speedo Snorkel, 
  • Speedo Hand paddles  
  • Titans Training cap,
  • Titans Team T-Shirt,
  • Titans, Training Suit & Titans Racing Suit 

Practice Attendance:               Athletes are expected to attend 7 workouts per week.

Practice Schedule:  Mon, Wed, Fri. 
5:15 AM - 6:45 AM
                                     Mon.-Fri. 4:00 PM - 6:30 PM 

Swimmers will be assigned to the appropriate group


All swimmers within this group must be able to successfully swim each of the four competitive strokes in a legal manner as deemed by FINA. rules.  Further, sharpening of the competitive strokes through drills and kicking will be emphasized. Starts
turns and mental skills for training for the next level will also be emphasized.  

Daily Training:                       60 Minutes / 5 sessions per week

Basic Goals:                            

  • Introduction to team/ group training environment
  •  Interest in the sport (fun, team spirit, sportsmanship )
  •  Learning correct body position, breathing, streamlining, turns.
  •  Foundations of all 4 strokes
  • Kick & Aerobic development
  •  Workout habits 

Equipment Needed:         

  • Titans Water bottle
  • Speedo Kickboard
  • Speedo Fins 
  • Speedo  Pull buoy
  • Speedo Snorkel
  • Speedo Goggles 
  • Titans Training Cap

Practice Attendance:         Athletes are expected to attend 4 workouts per week.  

Practice Schedule: Mon.-Fri. 3:30- 4:30 PM 
*Swimmers will be assigned to the appropriate group type your paragraph here.